Michael Gartner’s exploration of leather work began as a little boy in his father’s workshop. His father (Boris) was a highly skilled leather craftsman. Boris won many competitions and awards in shoe repair across Europe in the 1960’s and was awarded the Silver Cup by the American Shoe Service Association in 1968. As a boy, playing in his father’s shop, Michael became acquainted with the feel, smell, and appearance of quality leathers. At the young age of thirteen Michael began working under the direction of his father in the shoe repair trade. He graduated first from taking shoes apart to eventually learning how to restore shoes to their former beauty. Michael continued his work as a shoe repairman into his late teens. It is from the work with his incredibly talented father that Michael gained his love for the craft and his deep dedication for quality and detail. Michael translates this commitment for quality and detail into every piece at Lone Wolf Leather.

Michael’s return to leather work began in early 2013 when he was yearning to work with his hands again. He became inspired to start creating pieces for himself when he was unable to find the quality pieces he sought after. Soon he was approached by many family and friends who requested that he make items for them as well. While his son Daniel was shopping in the South of Stockholm he was approached by a store owner who was admiring his braided wallet leash. Soon Michael was commisioning his work for stores in and around the Stockholm area. In 2014 Lone Wolf Leather Sweden was born.

Lone Wolf Leather’s dedication to excellence leads to the sourcing of only premium raw materials which will ensure each piece ages beautifully over time. Being a Swedish native, it is important for Lone Wolf Leather to source materials from home. This is why almost all the leather used at Lone Wolf Leather is Tärnsjö. Tärnsjö Garveri, located north of Stockholm, is one of very few tanneries in Scandanavia specializing in veg tanned leather. Lone Wolf Leather chooses to use Tärnsjö because of their commitment to quality, sustainability, and ecological production. All brass hardware is sourced from high quality suppliers Michael finds on his travels to the United States and Japan. Lone Wolf Leather chooses to use brass that is raw and free from lacquer which will allow it to achieve a nice aged patina.

Lone Wolf Leather products are produced meticulously by hand. Designs, patterns, leather cutting, stitching, and burnishing are the product and labor of love. Quality and longevity are a passion of Lone Wolf Leather and each piece is created with this in mind. All pieces featured on the website are made to order and can be customized as such. Please keep in mind when placing your orders that each item will be hand crafted and shipped upon completion.

As Lone Wolf Leather popularity grew at Second Sunrise (formerly Unionville), a jeans and heritage clothing store in Stockholm, Michael was approached to write a DIY book on leather craft for the Swedish publisher Natur & Kultur. The Swedish book Lone Wolf Läderarbete was published in October 2015. The book has since been published in France with the title ”Le Cuir” by the publisher Les Éditions de Saxe, in Germany with the title ”Lederarbeiten” by the publisher Heel Verlag, in the United States with the title "Lone Wolf Leatherworking"by the publisher  Gingko Press and in Spain with the title "Manual Del Cuero" by the publisher Editorial El Drac. The book was featured by Swedish monthly magazines such as Sköna Hem, Femina, Elle Decoration, daily newspapers and various blogs (links to articles below). Signed copies of the Swedish book are available on the Lone Wolf Leather website.

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Lone Wolf Leather is proud to work with accomplished gold and silversmiths Gideon Teischmann. Together they are proud to offer you high quality handmade leather and silver goods.

To check out more of our work please visit our Instagram “LoneWolfLeatherSweden”

Contact: info@lonewolfleather.se