Sizing Chart


Measure your wrist using a measuring tape keeping the tape snug around your wrist. Do not measure by pulling the tape tight or leaving the tape loose around your wrist. Leather will stretch and some extra length will also be added for comfort. One inch is equal to 2,54 cm. 


Belts are measured in inches (1,0 inch = 2,54 cm). Each belt we make is measured from tip of the buckles prong to the third and middle hole att the other end of the belt. Each belt has a total of five holes. From the middle hole to the tip of the belt there is an added lenght of 10 inches or 25 cm. In other words each belts total length is equal to 10 inches plus the length you specify when ordering.

Measurements for ordering belts can be done in two ways. Either by measuring a belt you already have or by using a tape measure around your waist.

When measuring a belt you already have use a tape measure and measure from the tip of the prong on the buckle to the hole that you normally use when wearing the belt.

The second option is to measure your waist. As your waist can differ in size depending on where you measure please use the pair of jeans or trousers you would use with the belt when you measure your waist. Simple place the tape measure through the loops of your jeans/trousers to get measurement on the correct spot of your waist. 

If you need a shorter or longer belt than the preset values please contact Lone Wolf Leather at

30 inches = 76,2 cm

32 inches = 81,3 cm

34 inches = 86,4 cm

36 inches = 91,5 cm