Medium Wallet - Shinki Hikaku Navy Blue Shell Cordovan
Medium Wallet - Shinki Hikaku Navy Blue Shell Cordovan
Medium Wallet - Shinki Hikaku Navy Blue Shell Cordovan
Medium Wallet - Shinki Hikaku Navy Blue Shell Cordovan

Medium Wallet - Shinki Hikaku Navy Blue Shell Cordovan

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The Lone Wolf Leather Medium Wallet is a collaboration using the finest leathers from Japan and Sweden. World renown shell cordovan from Shinki-Hikaku is used for the outer leather and Tärnsjö natural veg tanned leather for all inside pockets and credit card slots.

Shell Cordovan
As you may know shell cordovan is considered to be one of the finest leathers in the world and Shinki-Hikaku's shell is no exception. The tanning process takes more than six months.  Shell cordovan is an equine leather which comes from a fibrous flat muscle beneath the rump of the horse (shell or horse butt). While most leathers are utilized and tanned to have the grain side (the side where the hair once was) out, shell cordovan is actually flesh out. The leather has a very tight grain meaning that the fibers are very small. Due to the small fibers the leather will "heal" smaller scratches and tends to "roll" instead of creasing giving it a much different look after significant use.

Vegetable Tanned
The vegetable tanned leather is sourced from Tärnsjö Tannery north of Stockholm. Tärnsjö Ång Garveri (Tärnsjö Steam Tannery) was established in 1873 by Fredrik Åström and the tannery has since then primarily utilized vegetable tanning.  Today, with sustainability and the safety of our environment at the forefront the tanning at Tärnsjö is exclusively vegetable tanning. Vegetable tanning is a time consuming process and each type of leather has its own formula or mixture of different extracts from a range of different trees. Throughout the years Tärnsjö has supplied Scandinavian interior designers and luxury brands such as Louis Vitton and Hermes with the finest veg tanned leather.

The Lone Wolf Leather Medium Wallet is hand made. Each piece is skived to the correct thickness and hand cut. The pieces are then hand sewn or saddle stitched together. After approximately 200 cm of saddle stitching the wallet is nearly done. The edges are sanded and polished, buttons and other hardware attached.


The wallet has one large compartment for bills, two zipped compartments for coins and other valuables, two smaller compartments for notes & business cards and eight credit card slots. The authentic buffalo nickel snap button and the wallet leash rotary connecting ring are optional.

When ordering please choose a right hand back pocket version or left hand back pocket version.

Wallets, wallet leashes and wallet chains are sold separately.

All wallets are made to order. Please allow minimum one week for production. Don't hesitate to contact Lone Wolf Leather if you have any preferences or questions.

  • Outer leather is Japans finest shell cordovan from Shinki-Hikaku, the inside leather is vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery north of Stockholm, Sweden.
  • One large compartment for bills.
  • Two zipped pockets for coins and other valuables.
  • Two medium size slots for notes and business cards.
  • Eight credit card slots.
  • Authentic buffalo nickel snap button
  • Japanese solid brass or solid brass/nickel plated rotary connector for wallet leash or wallet chain.
  • All parts are hand cut and hand sewn.

Dimensions =  W 10 cm x H 13,5 cm closed
Dimensions =  W 19 cm x H 13,5 cm open

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